2019.08.11 Gariūnų str. 5, Vilnius, Lithuania


Association "Sportuok miške"

Event map


2019.08.11 9:00 - 9:45 Registration and bib collection

2019.08.11 10:00 Start 

2019.08.11 22:00 Finish closes

Award ceremony will be organized after 3rd place finish.


Car parking: Gariūnų str. 5, Vilnius 

Coordinates 54.660155, 25.167156 (WGS) 

Competition center is 500 meters from parking, the route to competition center will be marked.


You can run much as you can or want in 12 hours or 3 hours, but there is 27 minutes time limit for 1 lap. If you run lap over 27:00 minutes you will be stopped and your result will be laps number and time finished until lap time limit. 


1 lap - 1,1 KM (150 meters ascent)


3 hours women - M3

3 hours men- V3

12 hours women - M12

12 hours men - V12

Time limits

Competition time limit is 12 hours 00 minutes.  

Time limit for 1 lap is 27 minutes.

Registration fee

20 EUR till 2019.07.01

25 EUR from 2019.07.02

30 EUR from 2019.08.07


There is no refunds for any registration. Any changes to an entry (race or name) must be made till 2019.08.06. Change fee is 10 EUR. After 2019.08.07  no changes can be made.


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Recomended gear



Trail running shoes

General rules

All participants must:

- Be at least 18 years old

- Know and accept the rules of competition.

- Complete the forms of registration correctly.


Participants entered in the Ultra Xtrasa understand that they participate voluntarily and under their own responsibility during the competition. Therefore, they disclaim any complaint to the organizers, collaborators, sponsors and other participants. The organization won’t be responsible of any accident produced because of imprudence, negligence or ignorance of these regulations. When carrying out the registration, participants agree and accept the document of disclaim.

Image rights

The organization has the exclusive rights on the image of Ultra Xtrasa and use of audio-visual, photographic and journalistic material. Any media or advertising project requires the prior consent of the organization. Otherwise, legal action will take place.